12 maaliskuuta, 2011

Twitter pyrkii tappamaan itsensä?

Olen pyrkinyt aloittamaan Twitterin käyttöä ja totesin mielenkiintoiseen tapaukseen tänään. Twitter feedissäni tweetattiin seuraavaa:

Twitter has finally served official notice that all Twitter clients should stop their development efforts.

Kyseisen kirjoitti käyttämäni Twitter clientin kehittäjä.

Google Groups keskustelua aiheesta mukaan lukien Twitterin ilmoitus.

Kyseisessä Googlegroups keskustelussa käyttäjä TJ Luoma kommentoi seuraavaa:

Translation: "Thanks for building apps that made people want to use
Twitter. Thanks for putting up with us through the months and months
of instability. We'll take over from here. If you want to try to build
something around the fringes of Twitter, that's fine, but really, we
don't need you anymore. Goodbye."

Think I'm wrong? Here are the first 3 responses from people I follow on Twitter.

"Just FYI, Twitter doesn't want you to make client apps anymore.

"Unfortunately the handwriting in regards to 3rd party twitter client
seems to be plastered on the wall - http://t.co/SWAv1JE"

"People may infer that Apple hates 3rd party devs, but Twitter has the
giant brass balls to just come out and state it."

I guess in hindsight, forcing the move to oAuth was just the first of
many ways to eliminate developers.

Muokkaus: Myös techcrunch.com kirjoittaa asiasta.

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